Audience Level Contact Tracing

Audience Tracing

Advanced contact tracing makes it possible to identify audiences based on anonymous, aggregated data from citizens who have been exposed to or tested positive for COVID-19, and gain an in depth understanding of the virus’ movement and spread without violating personal privacy.

By analyzing the mobility and infection patterns of whole audiences and not going down to an individual level, using smart technology and ML algorithms, Neura can map high risk areas of a potentially infected population.

Ready to deploy technological system with real time dashboards and predictive analytics.

Proximity Mapping for Hot Spot Prediction

Super spreader movements layered over density mapping data, allows Neura to create audiences at high risk and areas where the population may come into proximity of the virus. This data can then be used to look ahead 1, 2 even 4 weeks and accurately predict future outbreak hot spots.

Once identified, actions can be taken to protect the population at these hotspots, first responder resources can be deployed effecienctly enabling effective safety measures to be taken and citizens to be protected.