COVID-19 Solutions

Neura Helps Monitor and Control COVID-19

Neura provides a ready-for-deployment digital system to help monitor and control the spread of COVID-19. The high level strategy centers around interrupting human-to-human transmission, protection of high risk personnel and communicating critical information. The robust technology includes multiple facets: dashboards, data insights, proximity indexes, identifying high risk infection areas, to safely help countries, businesses, and municipalities deal with changing COVID-19 regulations.
Our key insights include visibility into the micro and macro populations that are becoming mobile, location mapping of newly mobile demographics, while also maximizing social distancing perimeters and supporting business needs.
Neura helps protect against possible interaction with future breakouts, furthermore, our platform utilizes relevant data to help predict high risk areas.


Interrupt human-to-human transmission.
Prevent and manage transmission-amplification events and international spread.

  • Maximize social distancing helping drive population behavioral changes and increase social distancing
  • Providing real-time visibility into population gatherings in public places.
  • Prediction mechanism that enables proactive approach for the prevention of population aggregation.

Analyze population compliance to enhance social distancing guideline effectiveness.

Outbreak Prevention

Neura can identify super spreaders, locate and predict with astounding accuracy potential high risk areas.

Visibility into key population movement metrics such as if people are staying at home, or when mobile, distance from home and how long spent out.

Protect Critical Workforce

Neura developed a system that makes epidemiological investigations much more precise - helping medical teams prevent large medical personnel quarantines.

By using identifiers, real time alerts to workers in proximity to possible infections can be used as front line protection

Protect & Communicate

Protect at-risk, population and workforce and communicate critical information.
Real time reliable communication regarding infection events within vicinity.

  • Assist health care organizations by minimizing the impact an infected person has on a critical environment such as a Hospital.
  • Identify surrounding locations with reported COVID-19 cases.
  • Advanced knowledge of the population density aggregated in destinations intended for travel.

By identifying the amount and duration of detected encounters and mapping data of the population who have been in close proximity, potential risk analysis can be provided to help drive effective population engagement and protection.

Economy Re-Start

Data-driven decision making for controlled release of shelter-in-place measures.

  • Micro-segmentation of population compliance with guidelines.
  • Real-time insights system into population gatherings and social distancing.
  • Predictive analytics and visibility to areas, businesses, and populations with risk of future outbreaks.

Populations and consumer segments are becoming active and mobile, Identify real-world consumers’ preferences and needs and major changes in consumers’ lifestyle at scale.

Business Re-Growth

Business leaders are facing multiple challenges in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, from bringing workforces back safely to building consumer confidence.

Data driven insights are essential for confident decision making, and to implement consumer safety measures.

COVID-19 Test Pooling

Neura’s ViruScore predicted the correct outcome of tests with 98% accuracy out of a population of 1,000 tests.

Effectively, Neura was able to create a population sample with 2% positive infection rate, creating an optimal environment for pool testing. Ultimately enabling the HMO to increase testing capacity by 6X.

ViruScore™ Predictive Testing Solution

Neura's COVID-19 insights are fused with pandemic data to create a risk score.
The score is employed by HMOs and labs to grade the probability of a positive or negative result, on a four level scale ranging from “highest probability” to “lowest probability.

  • 6X more daily testing by testing multiple individuals at once -10 people in a single batch as opposed to individual case by case testing.
  • Cost effective as testing pooling allows a 10 person to 1 test kit ratio, as opposed to 1:1 on individual tests. .
  • Efficient with pool testing 4-6 tests can identify each individual positive results in an 8 person batch, ViruScore improves that by 6X.

These results play a pivotal role in breaking infectious chains faster, and potentially saving millions of dollars by reducing the number of tests required.