Crowd Gathering Detection

Detect real-time gatherings to keep the public safe

Gathering detection is a critical capability in law enforcement’s efforts to prevent super spreader events. With tools to detect gatherings in real-time, officials can use our innovative command & control center to alert nearby officials when unlawful gatherings occur. By mobilizing more quickly to disperse and predict these gatherings, we can ensure that our neighborhoods continue to comply with social distancing guidelines, even as we move to re-open the economy.

Crowd Gathering Index

Providing real-time visibility into population gatherings in public places.

System includes a prediction mechanism that enables proactive approach for the prevention of population aggregation and to enhance social distancing guidelines in these areas

Core Elements

Real Time Alerts

Gain real-time notifications for crowd-gathering and regulation violations.
Detect & Respond

Detect lack of adherence to regulations and alert authority figures for proper response.

Critical Deployments

Insights to accurately deploy first responders to critical areas.
Historical Case log history

Keep track of gathering, crowds, and disease movement in order to identify patterns and historical logs.

Custom parameter configuration

Identify and build parameters for specific locations in order to track movement within.

Case Studies