Essential Insights for Health Service Providers

Enable one of the world's largest HMOs and various health organizations to systematically use scarce COVID-19 screening tests.

In order for essential populations and personnel to receive testing, health officials must use their resources with careful consideration. Neura pinpoints areas of risk and uses machine learning to predict future outbreak and high risk regions.

Big Data Platform

Effectively manage the demands of 4.5M patients by segmenting them based on their likelihood of infection.

Social distancing index

Monitored populations adherence to social distancing regulations in order to determine the highest risk of COVID-19 infection rates

Human encounter rates

Mobility patterns monitored showing trends in both micro and macro level potential infection rates.


By merging Neuras machine learning based behavioral segmentation With clalit's rich epidemiological data base. clalit Is able to Optimally Utilize Screening tests. Rhode Island

Encounter Index


Social Distancing

The Neura Solution

Neura calculates the existing infection rate of populations while also predicting the potential infection rate for towns, cities, and municipalities, in order to methodically test patients based on their probability of infection.
Testing: By merging Neuras machine learning based behavioral segmentation with one of the largest HMO's rich epidemiological data base this HMO was able to optimally utilize screening tests.

Medical Personnel: Pinpointing which medical personnel are most needed in various regions based on infection rate while also aiding in providing additional backup where more medical staff are needed for optimum efficiency.