Enable Municipality to protect residents from COVID-19 spread

The Municipality has a responsibility to monitor and keep their residents inline with COVID-19 guidelines, while still maintaining essential services and support for the city. Neura’s social-distancing index takes into account millions of anonymized data points, building a behavioral model of population density and movement patterns which were used as predictors and warning flags for future COVID-19 risks. Local governments play an essential role in protecting the population and putting vital measures in place to prevent further outbreaks of the pandemic and boost the economy.

By generating dashboards with behavioral models delineating changes in human interactions and patterns, we are able to help the municipality and the city as a whole to protect their citizens.

Social distancing Index

The algorithm used social distancing and mobility predict future high risk areas

Behavioral Models

Models were build mapping population density and migrations

Encounter Rates

Understanding number of encounters and distance traveled metrics help predict high risk areas.

Predictor Index

By using Neura's data insights cities were able to predict in advance where outbreaks will occur, allowing efficient deployment of valuable first responder resources.

Crowd Gathering Incidents


Encounter Rates

The Neura Solution

During the peak of the first wave of COVID-19, there was a high correlation between populations that Neura identified as not abiding by social distancing guidelines and their percentage of COVID-19 cases. This data showing cities with the highest risk, and the most amount of disregard to regulations, was used by municipality authorities to inform future policy decisions and appropriately equip hospitals in the most needed areas.
High Correlation was proven between Neura’s index of cities and the percentage of COVID-19 cases in those cities 2,3 and 4 weeks later

Data Driven policy decisions were enabled by sharing scores with authorities, used to 'flatten the curve.'