Track Virus

Track Virus
Neura has partnered with Track Virus, the first global information platform working to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Together we provide a stand alone solution for governments, healthcare systems, and businesses that detect and track crowd gathering, gather behavioral insights that show social distancing and loitering indexes, human encounter rate, non-compliance to regulations, as well as predictors of human behavior and disease progression.

The Application is active and ready for global deployment.

Official Updates and Alerts

The Track Virus app automatically checks the database of all users in order to identify confirmed Covid-19 cases and to monitor present infected areas. When a match is found, users receive a notification informing them of the necessary protocols to take in order to stay in accordance with relevant guidelines as well as keep the public safe.


Both Track Virus and Neura collect completely anonymous data. Neura is CCPA, GDPR, and ISO certified. Security and anonymity is a top priority in our partnership. Location data and history remains only on each individual users device, never exported without user permission. We do not identify users with personal information in any capacity.

Covid-19 Mapping

Track Virus and Neura together are able to map instances of Covid-19 in each stage of the infection funnel from individual infections, individuals deemed as super spreaders because of their travel patterns, intercity visitors, and more, while also using data, algorithms, and machine learning models to predict future outbreak areas. Together we map the movements of the app user with the movements of those with the Corona virus.

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Through the integration of anonymized location data, virus self-reporting, and adherence to safety guidelines, we are able to determine the risk of each individual, population, and location to best inform municipalities and individuals of their safety and the best course of action to stay in compliance with protocols.

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Privacy Matters

Data is anonymized and no user identification is collected.

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