Population Behavior Platform

Powerful population insights for decision makers

Beating COVID-19 is a massive civic engagement challenge. Neura arms policymakers with the real-time tools they need to understand and predict the effectiveness of social distancing initiatives at the local level. Population density, total mobility, and visits to essential and nonessential places are only a sample of the critical real-world insights that should inform policies as they evolve from day-to-day and week-to-week. Because the more we understand, the more lives we can save together.

Population Behavior

Identify real-world preferences, needs, and lifestyle changes of specific populations.

Neura aggregates data about changing population behavior, from grocery store and mall capacities, to population density of cities. Allowing for an in-depth understanding of changing regulations impact on populations buying patterns, mobility changes, and re-integration response.

Core Elements

Density Mapping

Dashboard map showing the crowd gathering and population density per city.
Loitering by Neighborhood

Determine where the highest amount of loitering is occurring to alert officals.

Trend Predictions

Identify areas with a high population of infected people and see their travel patterns for predictive analytics.
Mobility Mapping

Identify movement pattern of crowds and virus spread.

Social Distance Index

Monitor compliance with social distancing measures by determining individuals proximity to each other.
Encounter Rate

Determine where infected cases are occurring and the areas that have a high probability of increased infection.

Case Studies