Large retail operation safe restart

To re-open a large retail operation, with chains and multiple branches, while insuring COVID-19 risk-mitigation measures are in place was a major challenge to a leading retail organization.

In order for the business to recover, since retail becomes the new front line, operators have the daunting challenge of a speedy re-growth, while juggling very real risks of consumer and employee safety.

Insights Platform

Neura has deployed a real-time economy restart insights platform

Population Compliance Segments

Micro-segmentation of businesses and population compliance with guidelines

Analytics Dashboard

Predictive analytics and visibility to areas, businesses, and populations with risk of future outbreaks.

Data Drive Re-emerging Strategy

Neura helps shopping centers to re-open and mitigate risk during and after COVID-19, with ready to deploy systems.

Encounter Index


Social Distancing

The Neura Solution

Neura provided a ready to deploy system that included the necessary data insights needed in order to make very real safe decisions such as how fast and in which locations to open first, amount of staff and type of controls needed to be put in place for the safety of the employees and inspire confidence in consumers.
Businesses: enabled data-driven decision making for controlled business reopening while adhering to guidelines.

Countries: gain information about social distancing compliance by businesses and geographies, and communicate reliable, critical information to populations.