Behavioral Segments

Identify risk-based behavioral segments

The pandemic is causing monumental shifts in daily routines. Identify behavior-based user segments based on common risk factors, such as Essential Workers, Inter-city Travelers, Super Spreaders, Hospital Workers, Delivery Workers, Stay-at-Home Users, and more. By identifying these user segments, we can make smarter decisions about the allocation of scarce resources, and predict new outbreaks before they occur.

Segments and Audience

Neura’s ML algorithms provide smart analytics to help organizations understand high risk situations and areas.

Differentiate populations and neighborhoods based on risk factors and make well-informed predictions about the safety and infection status of populations and towns.

Core Elements


Identify anonymized individuals who meet more than 15 different people per day - high risk for virus spreading.
Inter-City Traveler

See individuals who travel between cities thus increasing the rate of virus spread.


Determine individuals who have multiple friend groups, attend gatherings, and meet new people.
Essential Workforce

Identify movement and mobility patterns essential workers commuting to their workplaces.

Household Supplier

People visiting stores as the sole buyer of goods for each household.
Returning Resident

Determine the residents returning from abroad journeys and are at higher risk of infection.

Case Studies