Venue & Location Analysis

Data-driven tools for business leaders

As the economy moves to re-open, business leaders are responsible for ensuring that they can provide a safe and secure environment for their customers and their employees. By equipping them with powerful tools for understanding venue & location analytics, we can work together to restore consumer confidence. Proximity analytics, real-time density, and foot traffic insights are all critical components of this strategy.

Venue and Location

We equip organisations with a unique data set that allows for the control and monitoring of population and behavior changes.

Stay in compliance with health regulations and population capacity guidelines, as well as control resource allocation to comply with changing regulations.

Core Elements

Hot Zone Indicators

Understand where COVID-19 cases are high and continuing to spike.
High Risk Predictor

Determine areas that have a large amount of Super-Spreaders, Social-Spreaders, and inter-city travelers.

Real-Time Distance Alerts

Determine crowd movement and proximity to control for social distancing measures.
Area Validation Metrics

Used to determine the validation of the discrepancy measures between predictions and data.

Proximity Encounter Rate

Used to measure individuals proximity to one another in relation to social distancing perimeters.

Case Studies